What is play therapy?

How it works

Your concerns and worries about the child in your household or school are my starting point 

I then use a Strengths and difficulties questionnaire as an aid to scoring the significance of your observed behaviours causing you concern.

Where appropriate and with the child's consent I will advise a set number of play therapy sessions of 45 minutes per week

Play therapy is a form of psycotherapy. I provide art, clay, music, movement, sand, masks, stories, meditation, and many more modalities.  

Provision of a wide variety of creative resources enables children to choose a modality that feels right for them to process their feelings. Playing in the metaphorical world of stories feels natural to children

I have treated children with ADHD and with spectrum disorders. Some examples of other work I have carried out are; children who have parents from a different country of origin or who have been born outside of the UK; children of divorced parents; children who are grieving and those struggling to settle in school.

My Treatment Focus

My motivation is to help children to heal through play. Play is their natural language for healing. I provide a safe and confidential setting for children to express themselves using creative modalities. The hope is that this improves self awareness, resilience, self expression and focus. Some children learn to contain themselves better and to improve social skills with a better play skill set and improved ability to communicate their needs.

My Promise

Because I am qualified to the highest standard with a Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy and am a paid member of the PTUK I am bound by the code of ethics listed on the PTUK website. You can find me listed on their register. PTUK membership requires me to have a supervisor who is a highly trained therapist that guides my therapy plans. I have to keep updated with fresh training evey year.


Play therapy toys for play therapist Lisa Ward; one of many modalities used by Play Therapy Works

Mixed modality play

This is an experiential therapy. Children get messy and explore!

My Play Therapy Works Personal Pledge

I pledge to treat every child with respect and kindness in keeping with Axlines Non Directive Principles.

The therapy is child lead and permits a child to solve their own problems

My therapy is warm and friendly 

I honour a child's process

I accept the child as they are

There is no sense of hurry

Where necessary I anchor my sessions to reality

(Virginia M Axline)


Traumatic Events

Where necessary I am qualified to be directive where a child is stuck but this is always child lead.



A child's attachment style is of incredible importance in finding friends, playing and forming trusting relationships with teachers. Child Play Therapy Works can help with this by modelling good relationships with a qualified child therapist.  


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